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Food Safe Polish

Honey Harvest Apiaries Ltd

Product Details

Regular size is 100 grams or Large is 800 grams net

We have 3 polishes available

Food safe polish that contains food grade mineral oil, beeswax and along with proprietary ingredients. The food safe polish is great for chopping boards and wooden spoons and anything wooden in your kitchen especially if it goes in the dishwasher regularly and loses it protective surface.

Traditional polish which contains pure gum turpentine, beeswax along with other traditional ingredients. This is excellent for those who are looking for that traditional polish that look and feel of yesteryear and old-style polish with all natural ingredients, this polish has stronger cleaning properties than regular polishes.

Leather Conditioner/Polish. The Leather Conditioner/Polish contains Neatsfoot Oil, beeswax and along with proprietary ingredients. This is great for anything Leather including Shoes, Couches and of course Saddles, this help restore leather to its natural suppleness and adds protection to the leather.

Polishes and Conditioners

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